Getting There

December 5, 2011 § Leave a comment

I’ve been scanning Google maps for the last half hour, trying to plot the course we used to take from Davis to Core Banks.  In our first years, we’d take Mr. Alger Willis’s ferry over.  In later years, we had a friend’s Boston Whaler, then a boat of our own for coming and going.

I remember going across the open water of Core Sound, then slowing down and winding our way through the salt marshes.  The water in the marshes was shallow and the boat channel was marked by old weathered limbs that had been set up as posts to mark the way.  The dock the Willis boat went to was not at our village, but just down the path a bit.  The dock near our village (or maybe better called an encampment) was where we’d go with our own boat or with friends on theirs.

Looking at the satellite images on Google maps, I think I can trace the channel–a dark line running through the marsh leading into Core Banks.  There appear to be two “roads” on the Banks–one a circle, which is the spot where I think the Willis dock was and to the left, a road that ends at the water, which is where I think our community dock was located.

If you read this and happen to have any information to add, I’d welcome it.


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