Core Banks on Twitter

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You can follow the National Park Service at Cape Lookout on Twitter here:!/CapeLookoutNPS


Looks Familiar

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The beach at Core Banks was never my favorite place. I was more interested in the marsh side of the island. The beach always seemed so desolate, going on forever with nothing breaking the flatness for miles, unless a beach buggy happened to come creeping into the scene. The sky seemed huge out there.

This photo I found on the National Park site seems to capture some of that:

Some Core Banks History

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“Core Banks, named after the Coree Indians, stretches from Ocracoke Inlet to Cape Lookout.”

More a history of the entire eastern part of North Carolina, but some information on Core Banks and Shackleford Banks, from the Friends of Cape Lookout National Seashore website.

Houses Around the Lighthouse

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I came across this article about the historic village near the lighthouse. I’ve been to the lighthouse many times but never the village. The article, written almost 10 years ago, recommends taking the Alger Willis ferry from Davis.


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