Core Banks Club?

July 18, 2013 § Leave a comment

Googling around today, I’ve found a couple of references to the Core Banks Club and a man named John Hagan.

On the Virginia Episcopal School website, an update called “Core Banks Alumni Retreat” from Ron Hood:

This private club, with origins dating to 1902, has enjoyed a renaissance of sorts under the watchful guidance of the “Mayor of Davis,” John Hagan. The Hagan family, along with a small cadre of members, have a wonderful “operation” there, fully equipped to accommodate all manner of hunting and fishing activities.

A man named Henry Hagan writes an entry on his website, dated 7/10:

Beautiful warm sunny skies offset a howling wind at Cape Lookout during our Core Banks Club family vacation week!  All four of our children were with us, along with Brother John and our three labs!  Nancy and Graybo Murray, and Lind and Swanson Graves from Washingon NC joined in the fun. Blair had friends from Baltimore.  Sarah Sims and Dan Thornton had friends from their Elon days. Friends of friends even appeared!

Mr. Hagan includes some nice snapshots from the trip.

Putting this here in the hopes that it will lead me to find out more…..



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