Bashing Our Plywood Winnebago

October 8, 2013 § Leave a comment

We tended to think of our crazy-ass beach vehicles as charming and quirky.  Apparently, they are also environmental disasters. I’d read it before (in a guidebook to the Outer Banks) and been a little mortified.  Now a random Google search turned up this blog entry by Benjamin Preston posted on The New York Times site earlier this summer:

Everyone did it, and on the two islands comprising the Core Banks, a vehicle’s ferry ride was usually a one-way trip; it became someone’s guaranteed ride in that remote fisherman’s vacationland until it broke or was covered by drifting sand.

His article reports that about 1,500 vehicles were removed from Core Banks in 1976.

Preston quotes a park ranger, Karen Duggan:  “They ran anything and everything. I’ve even seen a picture of a Duesenberg out there. When the cars got stuck or no longer ran, they just left them there.”

Read the whole article and see a couple of photos here: The Secret Buried Cars of North Carolina’s Core Banks

Preston also links to these newspaper articles:

Clean Up on Core Banks Delayed

Banks cars’ registration is planned


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