Fall Fishtravaganza–Cape Lookout

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Here’s video of mullet running off Cape Lookout–and, apparently, a bunch of sharks that showed up for dinner.

I can remember my dad and his friends going on fishing trips in the fall and talking about the tremendous numbers of fish in the water. Am thinking they did most of their fishing this time of year at Drum Inlet.


The Clam King: Elmer Willis

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Elmer Willis. Photo: Nancy Lewis Collection, Core Sound Waterfowl Museum & Heritage Center

Elmer Willis. Photo: Nancy Lewis Collection, Core Sound Waterfowl Museum & Heritage Center

Here’s a story about the clam king, and the effort to preserve Willis’s clam house and the surrounding marsh:

In the end, it will likely take the Marines and a bunch of ding-batters – local parlance for people who ain’t from around here – to make it happen, but so be it.”

Surf Fishing

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Dick Jones, writer and surf fishing enthusiast. This is the photo he ran with an article on surf fishing at Core Banks.

Fishing is the reason my father started going to Core Banks, so that also means it’s the reason we were squatters.  I remember quite a few days spent digging a hole to China with my sisters while my dad fished from the beach.

Here’s an article from the High Point, N.C., newspaper by a man who’s done some surf fishing at Core Banks. Lots of details about the what/when/where.  Also, he happens to look like (and apparently also identify with) Santa–so that’s a bit of extra fun.

Merroir? Wonder what Alger Willis would say to that!

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Here’s a longish piece about Core Sound Seafood, its founders, and how it works, from the blog Southern Terroir:

Southern Terroir writes about Core Sound Seafood, local accents, and a younger generation of the Willis family. Are these Willises related to Alger Willis?
Or perhaps I should say how are they related to Alger Willis?

One thing interesting to me–the author talks about the area accent, describing it as “an almost Australian sounding brogue.”  I always associated that accent with the Cornwall region of England, but to be fair, my only knowledge of Cornwall accents comes from the old PBS/Masterpiece Theatre miniseries Poldark.  I should look it up, but makes sense that there might be  a Cornwall-Australia-Core Banks connection.

Core Sound Seafood

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Core Sound Seafood logoExcited to find this blog post about Core Sound Seafood, a sustainable seafood operation that brings together Core Sound area people with chefs and others from the Triangle.  Scroll past the business about “merroir” and you’ll find the article mentions members of the Willis family.  Not sure if it’s the immediate family of Alger Willis.  Will have to do more reading to find out.

Here’s a link to the Core Sound Seafood blog, with some good information about them and the local area.

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